Creating and running a merchant account that processes global transactions has numerous additional challenges compared to one that only operates domestically. Currency conversion, regulatory shifts, and varying international compliance standards are just a few of the issues you may face. Fortunately, Benchmark Payment Networks (BPN) knows how the world works when it comes to international payments. You can rest easy, knowing that our team of international processing experts will make sure your business is optimized to successfully process transactions from anywhere in the world.

Benchmark leverages its international relationships to facilitate unprecedented opportunities in global payment services.

Easy Onboarding for Global Merchant Accounts

Obtaining a global merchant account can be a cumbersome process. At Benchmark, our qualified team will get you up and running quickly without any headaches. Whether you are a U.S.-based merchant looking to expand globally for the first time or a non-U.S. merchant expanding existing international markets, we can board your global payment processing account. Our strong relationships around the world allow us to provide competitive rates and industry leading approvals delivered through world-class customer service. Our international clients enjoy the ability to process without restrictions in their industry in many countries and currencies, including “high-risk” industries.

We implement the best functionality for your business so that you thrive in this fast-moving world of commerce.

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